Center for School Support of Guidance and Counseling

 The purpose of the Center for School Support of Guidance and Counseling is to resolve problems related to student guidance by improving the teachers’ guidance and counseling skills.
The center focuses on the following tasks:


  1. Development of curriculum and programs for student-support training for undergraduate and graduate students and teachers
    Material design for the development of a program for "Improvement of teachers' skills in school guidance and counseling"
  2. Training teachers in the art of providing guidance and counseling, developing leadership skills and equipping staff to effectively prevent bullying
  3. Construction of theoretical models utilizing school counselors and other staff
  4. Consultation for effective student guidance
  5. Other services related to school guidance and counseling
    Support for improvement of teaching skills in school guidance and counseling through sending lecturers to teacher training programs, sending advisers to conferences for solving problematic issues, and providing relevant material