University Hall and Dormitories

University Hall

 University Hall is established for the convenience and recreation of the students and staff, and for the promotion of the students' extracurricular activities.

Floor and Total Area Name of Provision Area Description

1st floor


1st cafeteria 394m2 Serving lunch (about 200 seats).

2nd floor


Shop 176m2 Book, stationery, Daily necessitiesnotions, and grocery. Copy service. 
2nd cafeteria 75m2 Club activities, Seminars
Free lounge (UZUTAMARI) 50m2 Free lounge
Multipurpose Room 1 19m2 Club activities, Seminars
Multipurpose Room 2 17m2 Club activities, Seminars

3rd floor


1st conference room 35m2 Club activities, Seminars
2nd conference room 43m2 Club activities, Seminars
3rd conference room 77m2 Club activities, Seminars

4th conference room

(Japanese style)

56m2 Club activities, Seminars



Dormitories are available for the convenience of students.

Domitories for No. of Bldgs No. of Rooms Area/Room Rental fee (monthly)
Single men 2 160 ca 10m2 4,300yen
Single women 3 240 ca 10m2 4,300yen
Students with families 1 40 ca 40m2 9,500yen
1 40 ca 52m2 11,900yen

Note: Rental fee rate on April 1, 2024