Music Education

                                                  Position Opening forProfessor or Associate Professor


1. Affiliation: School of Arts and Health Education (Arts Education(Music))

2. Job type and the number of positions: One full-time Professor or Associate Professor

3. Field of research: Music Education

4. Qualifications:

(1) Master’s degree, doctorate or the equivalent research achievements

(2) Academic achievements in the field concerned

(3) Teacher’s license for primary school, for Music at junior high school or at senior high school in Japan

(4)One year or more of teaching experience as a full-time teacher at primary school, junior high school, or senior high school,

   or equivalent teaching experience obtained by fulfilling the training provided by the university(*)

NB: The university has been trying to increase the number of faculty members who have the teaching experience mentioned

above. The successful candidate who doesn’t have the teaching experience will be required to undergo training at the attached


5. Courses to teach:

Graduate courses:

     Special Lecture on Theory of Music Teaching in Classroom ,Seminar in Music Teaching in 

     Classroom, Field Studies in Educational Practice,Studies in Teaching-Contents,Study on Theme, and

    so on

Undergraduate courses:

   Music Education in Elementary Schools,Theories of Secondary Music EducationThe Practical  

    Teaching of Primary and Secondary School Subjects, Graduation Study, and so on

6. Date of Employment:April 1, 2018

7. Term of Contract: Unspecified (The mandatory retirement age is 65.)

8. Application deadline: September8, 2017 (The required documents should arrive at the university by 17:00 on the day.)

9. Documents to submit:

(1)CV/resume (using the designated form with the applicant’s photo attached)

(2)List of professional achievements (using the designated form)

(3)Three principal publications (books and/or articles) ; originals, offprints, or photocopies

A summary of each of these in Japanese (approximately 400 letters)is required.

(4) Teaching and research plans at Naruto University of Education in Japanese (approximately 1,000 letters)

NB: (1) The forms designated by the university (CV/resume and List of Achievements) can be downloaded from the

university website (

10. Mailing address:

KazuoYAMASHITA, President,

Naruto University of Education,

748 Nakashima, Takashima, Naruto-cho, Naruto City, 772-8502, Japan

NB: The application documents should be sent by registered mail (electronic submissions will not be accepted), with

“Application for the position of Music Education” written on the envelope in red.

11. Where to make contact:

   Professor Tadashi MORI , Arts and Health Education (Music), Naruto University of Education,

748 Nakashima, Takashima, Naruto-cho, Naruto City, 772-8502, Japan

Tel: +81-88-687-6464

Any questions regarding remuneration: Tel: +81-88-687-6036   E-mail:

12. Additional information:

(1) The application materials will not be returned. If the applicant wishes to have them returned, he/she must request so

beforehand. The personal information the university has acquired in the selection process will be treated confidentially

according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information to be Held by Independent Administrative Institutions.

(2) Finalists will be invited for interviews with a teaching demonstration at Naruto University of Education. Finalists’ expenses

for travel and accommodation for interviews will not be reimbursed.

(3) Naruto University of Education has a policy for employment that the decision is not to be influenced by applicants’

nationality or gender. In cases where two or more finalists are equal in qualifications and achievements, the university will give

preference to female applicants.

(4) Even if the successful candidate is a local government employee prior to employment at the university, the university will not

count his or her years of service as a local government employee in the calculation of his or her retirement allowance from the