Naruto-doorway to the world 「鳴門:世界に開かれた扉」

ジャムシッド アーマディアン博士(イラン回教共和国 イラン国立Payame Noor大学教授)






また,今回の機会を快く認めて頂いたPayame Noor大学Rostami学長に深甚の謝意を表します。Dr. Rostamiは大阪大学で学ばれ,日本で研究することの重要性をよくご存知です。



This is the third time that I have got the FVR scholarship to Naruto University. The first time I came to Naruto University was in 2006 and I was completing my PHD thesis. I could complete my laboratory studies with the help of Professor Murata and Dr. Ozawa at the University of Naruto. Then, my family joined me in this journey. It was a good opportunity for us to enjoy nature and beautiful landscapes of Naruto and other areas of Japan, of course besides being closely acquainted with Japan’s rich culture. I remember visiting beautiful, historic city Kyoto and Nara with many magnificent temples and shrines – which bring the wonder and admiration of every visitor. The second time, which took about 6 months, was in the summer and fall of 2013. During this period I was able to visit Niigata University in northern and I also used the lab of the Niigata University for a short time. And now I am at Naruto University, from the beginning of April 2016 to the end of September 2016.

From 2006 to 2013, I was doing research into the earthquakes in Iran. Iran and Japan are both located in high seismic zones. Having close contact with Japanese researchers brought me a new vision of how life can be along active faults. The result of this continuous and fruitful scientific collaboration with Professor Murata is nearly 10 articles which have been published in prestigious scientific journals.

Finally, I wish to express my best thanks to Dr. Yamashita, the President of Naruto University, for granting me such an opportunity. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Professors Murata and Ozawa due to their continuous assistance and invaluable support. Furthermore, I should thank the Adminstration Office for their great help and support.

Last, but not all least, I am greatly indebted to Dr Rostami, the President of Payame Noor University, who kindly provide me this opportunity. He is also one of the earlier graduates of Osaka University.