International Cooperation Center for the Teacher Education and Trainning (INCET)

  In collaboration with relevant countries, organizations, and universities, the International Cooperation Center for the Teacher Education and Training (INCET) conducts research and development regarding the planning, implementation, and evaluation of international cooperation projects abroad which aim for educational improvement. At the same time, the center aims to develop skills that can proactively respond to internationalization by sharing our accumulated knowledge of methods and programs of teacher training and in-service education, and experiences in international educational cooperation for the common good. Since INCET was founded in April 2005, the center has been working on dispatching experts to developing countries such as Mozambique and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, accepting trainees from various developing countries such as Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Republic of South Africa, Pacific Island States and Sub-Sahara African countries, surveying the educational situation of Ethiopia and the Arab Republic of Egypt, educational cooperation for the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, and conducting joint studies with guest professors, as well as compiling a database of materials about our international cooperation activities.


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