UNESCO Associated Schools started as 「ASPnet (Associated Schools Project Network)」 as a community which researches the experimental trial of education for international understanding comparatively and measures its adjustments for the implementation of the principles which are shown in UNESCO Agreement in actual schools in 1953. We will have our 70th anniversary in 2023. About 11,500 schools in 182 countries and regions in the world are participants of ASPnet and in action. Currently in Japan, more than 1100 schools of kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools are participants of this network. In Japan, once the school’s participation to ASPnet is approved, it is called UNESCO Associated School, or simply as “UNESCO School”. UNESCO Associated School aims at creating an interaction between schools in the world by taking advantage of this global network, sharing information and experiences among students and teachers and developing and improving of new educational contents and methods which make the young people able to deal with the various problems of the world. In 2010, our university joined the 「ASPUnivNet」network as one of universities which supports ASPnet. Since the participant schools of ASPnet in Shikoku area are increased to 45, it is still low in comparison with other regions in the country. Our university aims to give more information about UNESCO Associated Schools by visiting the schools in Shikoku Area. Also, it gives support during one year of trial period as well as the translations of application documents for the schools which want to join to ASPnet. If you need any support as teachers or schools, please do not hesitate to contact us.