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Center Activities

Training and workshops

Field-trip workshops

We will visit your school or community and provide workshops or training sessions. We will tailor the content of these workshops to meet your local needs. You may also request a lecturer from the various instructors listed on this website.

University workshops

We also invite participants for workshops at Naruto University of Education or attached facilities to the University (such as fuzoku elementary school). The lecturers are faculty from the University and other guests lecturers who are involved in elementary school English education. Themes of these lectures include elementary school English educational theory, teacher professional development, and English skills development.


Each year we hold a symposium featuring guest lecturers and panel discussants, providing the latest news dealing with not only elementary school English education, but other broader English educational issues. We address educational issues not only in Japan, but abroad also, and have cooperated with lectures from Finland, South Korea, China and Taiwan thus far.


  • Elementary school English education abroad
  • Research in instructional method
  • Research in curriculum development as well as assessment and evaluation
  • Material development
  • Yearly research bulletin

Other Educational activities and exchange

  • Consultation via email or telephone
  • Advisory visits to schools within and outside of the prefecture
  • Coordinate research activities within Japan and abroad
  • Development of a network of local talent active in elementary school English education
  • Assistance and oversight of the curriculum at our attached elementary school
English lesson at the Attached Elementary School Lecture at the university
English lesson at the Attached Elementary School Lecture at the university