Check List(41KB)

1. Overview of Naruto University of Education

(1)Outline and Characteristics of the University(65KB)
(2)Administrative and Academic Organization(1MB)
(3)Various Procedures(92KB)
(4)Classification of International Students and Qualifications for Admission(53KB)

2. Admission Fee, Tuition and Scholarships(173KB)

(1)Admission Fee & Tuition
(2)Tuition Exemption
(3)Scholarships(for self-financed students)

3. Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho : MEXT) Scholarship Students(168KB)

(1)Procedures for Receiving a Scholarship
(2)Extension of Scholarship Tenure
(3)Return Travel Allowance
(4)Certificate of Japanese Government Scholarship Student

4. Residency Procedure(160KB)

(1)About Residence (Zairyu) Card
(2)Notification of (Change of) Residence
(3)Notification to the Immigration Bureau Regarding Affilianted Institutions
(4)Extension of Period of Stay
(5)Temporary Leave and Re-entry
(6)Procedure for Bringing One's Family to Japan
(7)Childbirth Registration
(8)Non-Academic Activities (part-time jobs)
(9)Residence After Graduation

5. Academic Life(267KB)

(1)Information from ISO
(2)Academic Supervisor
(3)Tutorial System
(4)Advisory Service
(5)University Library
(6)Internet Services(Information Technology Center)
(7)Student Hall(Daigaku Kaikan)
(8)International Room
(9)Student Identification Card
(10)Extracurricular Activities
(11)Academic Year
(12)National Holidays

6. Health(239KB)

(1)Center for Health and Counseling Services
(2)National Health Insurance
(3)Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research
(4)Liability Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research

7. Housing(148KB)

(1)Student Dormitories

8. Daily Life(440KB)

(2)Drinking Water
(3)Disposal of Garbage
(5)Postal Service
(8)Radio and Television
(9)Traffic and Driver’s License
(11)Support Organization for International Students

9. Emergency Calls(64KB)

(2)Fire Department

10. Returning Home(102KB)

(1)Required University Procedures
(2)Payment/Returning Borrowed Items
(3)Pre-departure Checklist

11. Follow-up Services(130KB)

(1)JASSO Follow-up Research Fellowship
(2)JASSO Follow-up Research Guidance